Mike Scott - the Saddle Guy

About Mike:

Mike Scott became certified in human massage therapy in 1986. For the next several years he enjoyed a very successful practice that brought him around the world working with USAT&F events, Boston Marathons, Olympic trials and his steady clientele at home. He worked very closely with referrals from MD’s, PT’s, Chiropractors and other MT’s.

Shortly after his completion of studies at Bancroft School of Massage Therapy in Worcester MA in human massage he started to pursue his love and interest in therapy for the horse. After establishing a clientele and gaining much experience, he started teaching the Equine Massage/Muscle Therapy training courses. He also authored The Basic Principles of Equine Massage/Muscle Therapy (book and video) and The Equine Training Log and Health Care Diary.

In working with the horse on a daily basis, he noticed the recurring back problems in horses due to improper saddle fit. After going around with a number of saddle fitters, Mike wanted a more formal and structured class type setting to understand the basics and then build on experience. In 2001 he obtained certification form the Cumbria School of Saddlery in Penrith UK in bridlemaking and intermediate repairs. Complete saddle flocking was also addressed during this schooling. In 2002, he applied to, attended and completed the Master Saddlers Association Saddle Fitters Certification Program here in the US.

He continues to apprentice with as many saddlers as time allows and to take courses in advanced repairs. Mike’s knowledge in the horses body, movement and how to treat problems assures you the very best in saddle fitting and massage possible.