Saddle Fit and Flocking Certification Program

It is strongly suggested (not required) that all applicants attend an introductory seminar such as our "Introduction to Saddle Fitting", an intro class offered by another program or has had previous training from a saddle company in product/fitting.

Basic understanding of the horses anatomy is a must. Before the first day of class, the student must be able to name and locate the general superficial muscle, deep muscles, joints and bony landmarks. Required readings and 1st months preparation material will be sent with confirmation and receipt of application and deposit. (Did I mention that knowing anatomy is important) ?

Experience around horses is required. The student must feel comfortable palpating, grooming, picking up feet, leading and trotting the horse on the line etc.

If you have no prior experience around horses and want to apply you may. But we may refer you to another schools shorter program to get you feeling comfortable around horses and then you may re-apply. (Keep an eye on the calendar for upcoming intro class dates).

Due to the way this program is set up, you MUST have the time to commit and complete the hands on and academic requirements. If you foresee ANY reason that you might not be able to complete the requirements or you are not a self starter or motivated for a course that requires independent study. PLEASE DO NOT APPLY.

We move at a fast pace, explain thoroughly and expect the student to keep up. If you cannot find people in your area to intern/extern/observe with, please contact us and we may be able to refer you to some.

The student MUST HAVE ACCESS to fitter for observation hours, horses for case studies, a facility to complete volunteer hours and preferably computer access for student/teacher correspondence and research. This is the most difficult requirement for most. Start building your network system NOW.

Contact Mike at [email protected] for acceptance.

Classes are held for 4 day sessions (3 different meetings) usually Wed.- Sat. in order to have a Sat. night stay (if necessary) for cheaper flights, enjoy a Sun. return home and time to settle into your daily routine. Classes are 10am - 5pm (unless noted during class).

The second week long session is held approx. 3 months from the 1st session.

The final session will be approx. 3 months from the 2nd session. Between the meetings, the student must meet course requirements (see table below).

There will be 3 packets sent to the specified instructor for careful monitoring. During specified segments, the requirements will be:

10 case studies (total 30)

10 intern/extern hours (total 30)

5 volunteer hours and research project time (total 15).

Classroom hours, homework, research etc.
Documented case studies
Volunteer Hours
Presentation and preparation of class project,
final written test and final practical test
Approximate Total

Investment $4500.00 Bank Check or Money Order payable to:  Mike Scott

Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology and Saddle Fit and Flocking Technique are taught at every class meeting and are emphasized throughout all hands on work. Innovative methods are used to help the student learn these topics in a fun, intuitive and easy to retain fashion.

Human and Equine Therapist and Saddle Fitter with over 25 years experience.

Contact Mike directly for dates
[email protected]


  • A $1500.00 deposit is required at time of application.
  • Final $3000 payment is due in full 1 month prior to the beginning of class.
  • In the event that The Saddle Fitting and Flocking School needs to cancel (highly unlikely) before the class starts a full refund will be issued.
  • If you must withdraw up to 30 days before class, you will receive a full refund minus $150.00 administraion fee.
  • If you must withdraw within the month before class, you will receive NO refund. If in the event of an emergency, we will make every effort to apply your tuition to an upcoming class that is agreeable to both parties.
  • We keep the class enrollments small to insure proper attention. For this reason, it is difficult to take people in at the last minute. Please apply well in advance to be prepared. This also makes it difficult if not impossible to fill a slot in the event of someone withdrawing at the last minute.


If for ANY reason a student must withdraw from the class once it commences, there will be absolutely NO REFUND given. If the student needs to make up classes, retest or require any tutors additional time, there will be a fee assessed that will go directly to the instructor.

Life throws many curve balls but this course is designed to cover all material necessary to complete. Instructors are committed only to the time involved during the course.

For Information and Application Contact Mike at:
Mike Scott
[email protected]