Mike Scott - the Saddle GuyMike Scott is an MSA Certified Saddle Fitter who has trained extensively in England, as well as with a number of saddlers across the United States.

The School of Saddle Fitting and Flocking was opened in 2006 and the first class was completed in October of that year. There are only 2 - 3 students max chosen each year (at this time). The program runs approximately 6 months and deals with English saddle fitting and flocking techniques.

With the new school and shop location, Mike is able to do more repairs such as reflocks, billets, and tree widenings. If you need a referral for repairs in your area, there are number of fine craftsmen that he can refer you to. It is important to have a good working relationship with saddlers and repair people to serve you, the client, to the fullest.

When checking the pricing page, the costs of repairs are approximate estimates and you can discuss them further with Mike or the professional you are directed to.