Procedure for Fittings:



Be prepared to ride!

1) Have horse ready and clean
2) History (client, horse and saddle)
3) Symmetry and palpation evaluation
4) Movement evaluation
5) Tracings/Templates
6) Check integrity of saddle(s)
7) Static evaluation. Check saddle with horse still and square (See Saddlefit Demystified Article)
8) Evaluation with rider up
9) Adjust flocking or discuss options
10) Check rider up again

Cost Estimates for Mike's Services.

(Please note that all prices are estimates and Mike Scott, A.K.A. SaddleGuy reserves the right to change prices.)

Note: No matter how short the session, or in the event of a last minute cancellation or no show, a minimum fee of $100 is assessed to cover the allotted appointment time.

Fitting of each saddle, tracings, suggestions: $100.00
(if purchasing saddles, this fee includes looking at a few. $100.00 per hour after the initial hour). Realize that nothing can be done for a foam saddle that doesn't fit properly except a possible conversion or suggestions of pads – full fee still applies.

On Site Flocking: $100.00
This fee applies for flocking to saddle. In the event that a saddle is flocked to fit the horse without the rider present to participate in fitting and movement evaluation portion of the fitting, Saddleguy assumes no responsibility in the event that the saddle is not fit properly. It is imperative that the horse and rider be observed in motion to insure the best fit.

Combination - Fitting, tracings, flocking and suggestions: $200.00
A combination of the previous two explanations.

Shipping saddles to Mike for a reflock or conversion: $325 + $40 shipping = $365
This includes a $100 non refundable evaluation fee . This is only applied if the saddle has structural damage such as the tree being twisted or broken or is in such bad shape with dry rot leather, ripped seat etc. that I am unable to complete the quoted job. This covers the time involved for the evaluation and shop time that would be lost due to the job not being completed.

Foam to wool, Air to wool = $400 + shipping (see above)

Generally, once we have a set time, I will only need the saddle for the time we have previously discussed. Please let me know when it will be coming. It MUST be to me by the date agreed on or $100 additional will be charged (previously mentioned).

When shipping, use a solid box and bubble wrap at least twice around the saddle (cantle and pommel). If necessary, fill box around sides with newspaper (NO P-NUTS! Or $1,000.000 will be added to bill ! ).

Include check for estimated amount and send to:
Box 281
Mike Scott
1670 Springdale Road, Unit 9
Camden SC. 29020

Mike Scott - the Saddle Guy Billets:

1 – $40
2 – $80.00
3 – $120.00
4 – $140.00
6 – $160.00
Add $55.00 if saddle needs to be unstitched and reassembled.
Add webbing, point billets, reconfigure billet system, extra fee applies

Lace Head Panels: $55.00

Widen Tree: $225.00

You will be given a referral for any other work that Mike cannot do for any reason. Please contact us for other pricing estimates. Always ask your saddler/fitter to quote an approximate cost for you.

Massage/Muscle Therapy

Equine Massage….$125     $115 in Camden
(Prices are per session, not per time frame)
Contact Mike directly for information on Equine Massage or Saddle Fit Classes
[email protected]  or  803-422-5894